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Managing Health Information in Illinois, 2014 Edition


The Illinois Health Information Management Association (ILHIMA) is an affiliate of the American Health Information Management Association. ILHIMA is made up of more than 3,000 members from a broad spectrum of disciplines. ILHIMA is committed to promoting quality health information for the benefit of the public, health care consumers, providers and other users of clinical data.

The original legal manual was titled Medical Records and the Law, and was published in 1986 by the Illinois Medical Records Association. Subsequent revisions were produced by the Illinois Health Information Management Association (ILHIMA), including the 2006 version. This latest revision of 2014 was produced with the input of members of the Legal Committee of ILHIMA and the legal review of Dina Ross, JD.

About the Portal

Who would benefit from this valuable web portal? HIM Directors, Physician Practice Managers, Release of Information Companies, Legal Consultants, and the list goes on!

Chapters include consents, subpoenas, release of information, behavioral health records, the medical record (including the legal EHR), required reporting, and more!

Updates to the web portal will be made in real time as additions or revisions are made.

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