Advertising Rates and Specifications


Paid advertisements in no way constitute ILHIMA’s (or its BOD) endorsement of the advertising company or its products. Should you have questions regarding advertising, contact the Central Office.

Web Banner Ad

  • Final needs to be in PDF or JPEG format.
  • 2” x .59” or 144 x 42 pixels
  • Please purchase ad below and send banner to

E-Mail Blast – Sponsorship

  • Your company logo and “tagline” are included at the bottom of an ILHIMA eblast.
  • CAHIIM Approved Schools in IL can also take advantage of this sponsorship opportunity.
  • Logo needs to be in PDF or JPEG format. Description may not exceed 150 characters. Please include website URL.
  • A minimum of one email blast per month is sent out.
  • Email blasts are not guaranteed to be solo sponsorships.
  • Please purchase email sponsorship below and send information to


Web Banner Ad - 1 month$200

Web Banner Ad - 3 months$500
Web Banner Ad - 6 months$900
Web Banner Ad - 9 months$1200
Web Banner Ad - 12 months$1700
Email Blast Sponsorship - 1 email$200
Email Blast Sponsorship - 3 emails$500
Email Blast Sponsorship - 6 emails$900
Email Blast Sponsorship - 9 emails$1200
Email Blast Sponsorship - 12 emails$1700