Welcome to the ILHIMA HI Career Member Spotlight, where we highlight the diverse paths and stories of ILHIMA Health Information professionals.

We know that many HI professionals begin their careers in areas other than health information and they may take on roles that do not look like the career they always imagined. Some of us have landed in this career intentionally while others may have had little if any knowledge of this industry at the start of their career. The important thing is that they found the path to HI, however curvy or long it may have been. This is why we want to share the journeys of different individuals and how they navigated the industry to reach their desired positions. We will feature ILHIMA HI professionals with unique backgrounds, credentials, and experiences to provide insight and inspiration for those looking to enter or advance in the field.

We hope you will join us as we explore the many paths and opportunities available in health information. If you would like to share your career journey or would like to recommend another ILHIMA member to spotlight, please contact Ann Nowlin at centraloffice@ilhima.org.