Do not attend the 2022 ILHIMA Annual Conference in person if you feel ill, have had a positive COVID test within the past 5 days, or had recent exposure to a COVID case. Contact ILHIMA if you need to cancel your registration.

What is the COVID waiver?

Any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and ILHIMA cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed while attending the event. During registration, in-person attendees, speakers and exhibitors must agree to follow safety policies, as well as federal, state and local laws and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. Those onsite at the conference must also assume the risk of attending and release ILHIMA of liability. READ THE FULL COVID WAIVER HERE

Do I have to wear a mask/face covering?

The State of Illinois no longer has a mask mandate.  However, meeting attendees are welcome to wear masks if desired.  Requirements may change at any time based on county, city, state, or federal requirements.  See the Illinois Department of Public Health website for more details.

Are COVID vaccinations required?

While many individuals attending the conference are vaccinated because they work in healthcare institutions, ILHIMA will not be requiring or checking vaccination statuses.

Am I required to have a negative COVID test before attending the meeting?

In consideration of other meeting attendees, exhibitors, speakers, hotel staff, etc., it is recommended that you have a COVID test done within 48 hours of the meeting.  However, this is not a requirement to attend the meeting.  If the test is positive and/or you have symptoms, please do not attend the meeting. Click here to view COVID Testing Sites.

What are the I Hotel COVID safety measures?

Click here to view “Safer Meetings Today”.

Choose your lanyard to indicate your comfort level!

During onsite registration, there will be an opportunity for attendees to choose a colored lanyard for their name badges. Lanyard colors help conference attendees communicate their level of comfort in interacting with one another. The lanyard colors are as follows:

RED LANYARD: Social Distancing
YELLOW LANYARD: Fist bumps and elbow bumps
GREEN LANYARD: Handshakes and Hugs

As we navigate getting back to in-person events, please respect individual preferences and ask about individual preferences before approaching attendees!


Illinois Department of Public Health


COVID Testing Sites

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